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product photography for Luxe design by Super7.

Product photography for Super7 Designs on copy
Welcome to The Luxe Project. It's a brand new initiative that teams brilliant creatives with new Luxe Business Cards - and helps good causes as well! For one full year we will be launching limited edition designs from well-known international designers exclusively for Luxe Business Cards. Their designs will be available for about one month and 100% of net proceeds will go to the designer's charity of choice. The theme is, 'design for good'. Brian’s chosen charity is OneSight.
About the designer
A versatile creative director and product designer, Brian co-founded Hybrid Design after working in-house at both Nike and Fossil Watches. He leads the agency and clients such as Nike, Apple, TED and Juxtapoz Magazine, with wife and co-creative director Dora Drimalas. With a love for chaos theory, Brian’s creative approach manifests the experimental side of Hybrid Design. It also plays out in Super7, originally a pet project that has evolved into a thriving retail brand. Starting life as a magazine based on his obsessive-compulsive disorder of collecting vintage Japanese Kaiju toys, Super7 now releases hundreds of limited edition vinyl figures every year in both the United States and Japan; has created their own apparel line; a publishing arm for books, notebooks and screen prints; a licensed toy division; and a flagship retail store on historic Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco.
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